Content/Information Architecture

Use WebKit (HTML5) Client Side Databases When Available

HTML5 includes a powerful client side SQL DB capability that hardly any sites use yet. This would be a perfect place to store user prefs and other user-specific data instead of in session variables, if the browser allows it. Could fall back to session variables and cookies for older browsers, but any WebKit based browser should be able to manage its own user data.


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General Ideas

Can the LEADERS of OA share HOW this could possibly work for development beyond idea generation?

The Open Austin plan. First off it’s not a plan. It’s a creative use of an idea generation and capture platform called IdeaScale. What Mr. Hurley and company did was launch a “campaign” to Open Source the City’s website really without a PLAN or any INFRASTRUCTURE to make that potential plan a reality. Here are my points that I posted on the OpenAustin Facebook page once it launched. I’m not sure the logic is sound on ...more »


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