Interface/User Experience

Combine map info in a layer-selectable map view

I've seen several suggestions for presenting geographically-based info in an easily browseable form. How about a general "Where Is It?" page with selectable layers and/or search options using Google Maps API?


This page could potentially integrate a large amount of information in ways that not only allow it to be easily navigated. Possible layers to consider:


- places of interest

- city resources (police/fire stations, libraries, schools, etc.)

- live traffic reports

- traffic accident locations

- road/lane closure locations

- LCRA river and lake level reports and forecasts

- flood warnings for low water crossings (most of these are automated)

- school district boundaries

- city and county GIS data

- any number of other city-related resources


The benefit of combining all this info in one map is that relationships between different types of info (traffic vs. accident and road/lane closures, for example, or LCRA reports/forecasts and flooded low water crossings, as just a few examples) are immediately visible and can highlight how they're interrelated. This could be a very powerful resource even for novice users, sort of a Google Maps of Austin.



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