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market research to the bone, then make a controversy

Someone said "Check out Vancover's site"


I'll check that, and raise you 5000 (cities). CoA should bring on a few UT interns: Master in Library Sciences, Statistician, Designer, Master in CS and a few MBA/JDrs.


Then make them work hard on a simple and fulfilling project. Make them catalog thousands of city sites, from the suckyist to the sexyist. Catalog the best and the worst features. Study usage and timeon sites and other stuffxx.


Then, make the interns present and propose


STRICT Proposal Rule: No suggestion on how to be better than the best. Only suggest something completely different than the rest. Proposal must be controversial. It must test boundaries. It must ruffle feathers. If at least 10% of audience doesn't get pissed, the proposal has failed



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